Weather conditions later today look perfect - if you are a salamander ready to wake up and head to the vernal pool. Beekman Road will be closed from dusk to dawn to ensure safe road crossing for amphibians. 

Please use caution if you want to come see the salamanders! It may be good amphibian weather but dangerous for humans!  

"Some storms could be severe, with damaging winds and heavy rain." 

Do not walk on the road during a thunderstorm!



Please be aware that Church Lane is very dark and cars move at fast speeds. 

Use extreme caution when parking or crossing the road and especially be watchful of your children. 

If you come to the road, EVERYONE (Children included) MUST have their OWN flashlight. 

Do not touch salamanders or frogs! 

Our hands have natural oils and chemicals from soap and other things we've touched  that can harm amphibian sensitive skin. 

Amphibians are also very slippery and can be easily hurt if dropped. It's is best to just watch them cross and enjoy the way they move.


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