Last night was magical! We closed our road for migrating Spotted Salamanders and other amphibians for the first time this year so they can cross safely to their breeding vernal pools and they put on a wonderful show. It wasn't a huge movement but there were plenty of intrepid amphibians making their way as their forebearers have probably done for millennia. We typically close the road from 4 to 8 times depending on the weather and what we see happening. When we started this Amphibian Protection Plan 12 years ago, after noticing the slaughter on the road, we never could have imagined the success it would have. Judging from egg masses and the number of crossing salamanders of all age classes, our Spotted Salamander population has grown nicely, Wood frogs have reappeared from none and now grace our pools with their wonderful chorus, Spring Peepers and Chorus frogs deafen the pools with their mass songs and Pickerel frogs, Green frogs, Eastern newts, Gray treefrogs and Bullfrogs join the fun. If anyone is interested, you can read more about our program and the regular migration updates we publish @ More photos I took last night at Bug Addiction @

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