We are extremely happy to announce that Middlesex County, with some help from the Friends EBEC, has just completed the purchase of the 70-acre property on the south side of Beekman Lane where many of our spotted salamanders and frogs overwinter! Protecting this land has been a goal of the Friends for more than a decade and our dream has finally come true thanks to the incredible efforts of the County! This huge property is bounded by Church Lane, Ireland's Brook, Beekman Lane and the Turnpike (map) and will become part of the Ireland's Brook Park. Stay tuned for much more exciting news about this property! A huge thanks is due to to Rick Lear and Eric Gehring of Middlesex County Parks and Recreation and the Middlesex County Freeholders for protecting this property and our salamanders and frogs.

As far as the salamander migration, we are monitoring tomorrow's weather closely and if everything falls into place, are thinking it may be the start. The weather this week has been nothing short of glorious and there is rain and possible thunderstorms forecast for late tomorrow afternoon into the evening. We've also monitored soil temperatures this week and they are well above the thresholds needed for migration. So, if the weather forecast holds together we are expecting to close the road tomorrow night. We will post another update tomorrow as we get a little closer.


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