SCREAM IT OUT LOUD - WINTER IS OVER!!! If you've followed this page since last year, you know that we close a road in town each late winter/early spring to allow Spotted Salamanders, Wood frogs, Spring Peepers, Chorus Frogs, Green Frogs, Eastern Newts, Bullfrogs, Gray safely cross to their vernal pools. When we found slaughtered amphibians one raw night 12 years ago, we knew we needed to do something and convinced the Mayor to allow us to close the road. Since then, we've closed the road usually from 4-10 nights when we think conditions are right for migrating amphibians. Our story has been featured in the NY Times, and on TV and in the news many times, hopefully spreading the word about the plight of migrating amphibians and the importance of vernal pool protection. Two beautiful vernal pools are on one side of the road and upland woods are on the other and the salamanders and frogs need to cross the road to get to them to breed. Last night seemed early, but with the warm temperatures and rain after dark, we decided to close the road to err on the side of caution. It was a good choice because Dave Moskowitz wasn't there for more than a few minutes around 8:30 when he spotted the first Spotted Salamander followed by a Wood frog! Over the next few hours he saw about 10 Spotted Salamanders and probably as many Wood frogs, plus lots of Spring Peepers and a Bullfrog. The vernal pool migration has begun! The migration occurs in waves and will continue on warm(ish) rainy nights over the next month or so. The best added bonus for him, is that his daughter Hannah came home from DC and we went back around 10:30 and she got to see a Spotted Salamander and plenty of frogs too. Hannah and Dave have been visiting these pools since she was about 10 or 11 when we started closing the road, so what a treat for Dave (and Hannah) to be back last night! If you want to know more about our road closings, check out the website and Facebook page of our non-profit, The Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission @ Here are a few photos from last night and more to come over the next few weeks!