The Friends EBEC have new friends... they are the 'Junior Friends of the EBEC', they are young, energetic and want to become environmentally responsible residents of the Earth.

The group's first project  for Earth Day 2012 was to collect plastic bag for recycling, and sneakers to bedonated. They did this at Bowne- Munroe elementary school, with the support of at Mrs.Boley, the Principal.

The kids made posters with facts about plastic bags and the damage they impose on our wildlife andenvironment and put them all around the school.

Mrs. Boley read 'Theo and the Giant Plastic Bag' to the students. Everyone wore green in support of EarthDay on Friday and the children held a trashless lunch on Friday. They compared the amount of garbage bags from Thursday(4) to Fridays ,trashless lunch (1.5) and were shocked to see that with a smalleffort, what a huge difference they made!

They also collected sneakers. They got 4 boxes of sneakers to donate to Nike for their recycle program that turns old sneakers into playground surfaces.



Thank you 'Junior Friends' – we arelooking forward to hearing about more exciting projects!







More about the new 'Junior FriendsEBEC' coming soon.

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