Next Freecyling day:

October 7, 2017, Crystal Springs Parking lot 9 (map)10_2017_freecycling

 Drop off 9am - 1pm ; Pickup until 2pm

FREECYCLING is an opportunity to donate and recycle things you no longer need and take anything you want that someone else left. It's a big trading event and it's all FREE! It's a way for all of us to find something we need and keep as much stuff out of our landfill as possible in a fun way. Items not taken will be donated or recycled at the end of the day. We aim to end the day with no trash so please bring only usable items.


Freecycling  day  is  a  community event for people to exchange usable items for personal use, not for resale

Volunteers needed!  We will need help setup (starting at 8am), direct traffic and help people during the event (9am-2pm) and cleanup (2pm-3pm).  Click here to sign up.


The Friends EBEC reserve the right to reject items.

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